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About the Internet of Things

The IoT is a complex topic as it often involves the integration of a wide range of technology ecosystem components. To be sure, it’s difficult to clearly define, as these ecosystem components span interactions between the real and virtual world, often incorporating a plethora of device types, system interactions, connectivity paradigms, and of course business value systems.

Interested in learning more? Check out my new O’Reilly Media book: Programming the Internet of Things. Inside, you’ll find a deeper dive into the basics of an IoT ecosystem and an introduction to building your own end-to-end IoT solution, from device to cloud.

Interested in Coding? Navigate over to the book’s GitHub project, which includes sample code in Java and Python, along with all the exercises in the book (and more!).

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About 3D Game Development

Sinter is a virtual lab bench for interactive and immersive game development, and has a myriad of worlds to explore as part of the core strategic objective of the game (find resources while avoiding enemies and build new things with said resources).

The game is in perpetual development, but includes a number of highly customized features, including an internal event management system to handle in-game and typed notifications, various movement mechanics (the jump mechanic was most involved), dynamic environments (depending on the destination planet), and of course, a unique music soundtrack.

You can read more about my experience developing Sinter here. Perhaps one day it will be good enough to actually publish.

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