Lab Bench Studios is essentially my (Andy King‘s) virtual engineering workbench, where I develop technology solutions and educational content pertaining to the IoT and 3D gaming. I’m a Technology Consultant, Adjunct Faculty, Game Developer, and Author specializing in Internet of Things strategy, training and systems implementation.

As a consultant, I work across North America and advise my clients on IoT strategies, system design and implementation approaches that solve interesting IoT-related challenges relevant to their business objectives.

In my role as Adjunct Faculty and Lecturer in Northeastern University’s College of Engineering – Cyber Physical Systems program, I currently teach Connected Devices, one of the core required courses in the program. The content I created for this course walks through the development of an end-to-end IoT system using Python and Java. All of the exercises started out as IoT problems I was interested in solving, with most focused on home automation challenges.

When time permits, and mostly for fun, I also build interactive 3D games and compose my own soundtracks. You can read more about my experience developing the game I call Sinter here. Perhaps one day it will be decent enough to publish :D.

My book, Programming the Internet of Things (published by O’Reilly Media) is currently available on Amazon and at many other online and physical bookstores. Contained in the book are links to a number of resources, including the GitHub project that references the exercises in each chapter and sample code you can download. My hope is that the book will be useful not only to my students, but to anyone looking to learn more about the IoT and develop practical end-to-end IoT solutions.

I post updates and content on LinkedIn, Twitter, and here pertaining to the IoT, the metaverse, and – of course – Programming the Internet of Things occasionally, so feel free to follow me if you’d like to be notified about new content. Thanks for stopping by!

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